Professional Introduction of Wedding Planning Course

Wedding planning class of entry-level is taught by an instructor who has full experience in planning hundreds of wedding. The teacher concentrates on basic knowledge relative to wedding planning. Wedding planner class offers all kinds of cases and analyses the handling ways to special occurrences during wedding occasions. Wedding planning course cultivate students to develop and improve a complete wedding planning ability, and guide them to make their endeavors to become a responsible wedding planner.

Details about Wedding Planning Class

  1. Take students to visit different wedding areas, explain the notice of wedding sites selection, focus on hands-on instruction about wedding sites arrangement.
  2. Know about the basic knowledge of wedding styles, give advices to brides and grooms about the wedding dresses and hair style design.
  3. Read through all the wedding taboos, master knowledge of Chinese-style wedding elements and western-style wedding elements.
  4. Arrange time reasonably, plan wedding car decoration and the marry routes.
  5. Wedding planner class offers specialized courses and teaches students to make out all kinds of table lists and wedding banquet table items lists.
  6. Deep understand the interpersonal communication skills in this field. Reasonably organized the groomsman and bridesmaid position arrangement.
  7. The final point is to develop customer-oriented wedding planning book, establish good communication with the customs. And this is also the key to the ultimate success for wedding planning.

Anyone, whether he or she is an active personnel of the wedding industry or wants to be the wedding organizer, is suitable to sign up wedding planner class.
Class hour: 100hours (including extracurricular practice time)
Wedding planning class tuition:HK$15,800
Each course time is according to the actual situation of students, divided into full-time courses and evening classes.